How To Set Up Your Outpost Grill: The Ultimate Guide

What’s the essential piece of equipment for over-the-fire cooking? 

Pro Team member and live-fire chef, Jean-Paul Bourgeois, describes the Outpost adjustable grilling system as “fundamental and important” and “a very thoughtful, innovative, well-manufactured piece of gear.” For any backyard grilling fanatic, camping enthusiast, world-class pitmaster, or live-fire chef, the Outpost is the ideal option. 

Launched in early 2020, the Outpost grill is a Breeo best-seller. The simple yet sophisticated design eliminates common live-fire cooking complications while creating a convenient user experience. 

Here’s your guide to everything you need to know about the Outpost cooking system. Watch the video below or keep reading for set-up tips from Pro Team Member Sarah Glover, and up the ante of your live-fire cooking.



What to Expect

When you order your Breeo Outpost Grill, we want you to know everything that’s coming so you can get it cookin’ as soon as possible. Here’s what to expect when you order the Outpost system:   

Grill Grate: The grate is used to grill meat and veggies and also serves as a surface to heat up a cast-iron skillet. Easily adjust the height and temperature throughout the burn by using the screw attached. 

Outpost Rod: A dual-purpose 24-inch stainless steel stake. The rod is used to pound the Anchorpoint system into the ground and suspend the grill grate over the fire. 

Anchorpoint™ System: The Anchorpoint system allows the Outpost Grill to transport from a grilling system on your Breeo fire pit to a grill grate you can take with you on the go. Drive the Anchorpoint into the ground and use it as an anchor for the Outpost system. The perpendicular stabilizing bars are designed for additional support and should be secured in the ground when the system is in use.  

Grill Bag: When not in use, the Outpost system easily breaks down and fits perfectly into a compact grill bag. The grill bag allows for easy transportation so you can pack up your Outpost grill and take it on the go. 



Outpost Grill Set-Up

Position the Anchorpoint system on the ground where you’re going to stake it.

Flip the rod upside down and slide it into the Anchorpoint. 

Pound the Anchorpoint into the ground using firm, even strokes until the stabilizing bars are secured in the ground, making sure the stabilizing bars are perpendicular to the fire. It’s important to keep your post straight in this step -  It’s easy to lean your post towards the fire, so consider having someone watch to ensure that your post remains straight.


Pro-Tip: If the ground is soft or sandy, you’ll want to drive the stabilizing bars deeper than usual for additional support and to ensure it won’t begin to tilt. 



Once the Anchorpoint system is secured, flip the post over and lock it in place using the tab. 

Slide the grill grate onto the post and tighten the screw to hold the grill in place. You will be able to adjust the height of the grill grate while the fire is going, but make sure to wear heat protectant gloves while doing so. 

If you are adding additional accessories to the system (e.g. kettle hook) leave room above the grill grate so you can add another tool to the post. 



Outpost Grill Setup With Fire Pit 

Align the notch on the Outpost Rod with the cutout on your fire pit, slide it in, and twist 90°. Follow with the secondary locking tab by aligning the two notches with the opening on your fire pit and securing it by pushing it into place.

It may take some time to get used to the locking mechanism. You may need to try it a few times but once you’ve got it locked in once, you’ll be good to go.


Outpost Grill Removal

To remove the Outpost system from the ground, first, remove the grill grate from the post. 

Wiggle the post to loosen the base and pull straight up. You can remove the post and Anchorpoint from the ground at the same time and then separate the pieces after. 

Place the grill into the bag and slide the base of the grate to the top corner of the bag so it can close securely. 

Place the Anchorpoint inside the bag, slide the post into the sleeve on the outside of the grill bag, and you’re good to go! 



Now you’re ready to take your grill with you on the go and experience the satisfaction of over-the-fire cooking. For some inspiration to get you started, check out the wide variety of live-fire recipes we have for you to try on the blog. Tag us on Instagram and share your adventures, tailgates, and BBQs with the Facebook Community - Happy Grilling!