How to Cook on the SearPlate Griddle: The Ultimate Guide

The SearPlate Griddle introduces a removable cooking surface to your live-fire cooking system. While the Outpost Grill offers incredible height adjustability and 360° rotation, we wanted to level up live-fire cooking, so we made a carbon steel cooktop for your Breeo fire pit.  

With the griddle, you can cook for large groups on a high-heat, nonstick surface while using all your other Breeo cooking accessories. Watch the video and scroll through the guide below to learn everything you need to know before cooking on the griddle.


What This Thing is Made of

We manufacture the SearPlate Griddle here in Lancaster, PA with ¼ inch hot rolled carbon steel. We chose carbon steel over similar materials like cast iron for its even heat distribution and ability to hold high temperatures. The nonstick surface is maintained through a seasoning process and like the finest leathers, only gets better with age and use.  


Time to Get Started 

The key to using the griddle is having a low fire and hot bed of coals. If your fire is too large, it will overheat causing the oil to burn off. Starting a large fire an hour before you add the SearPlate will give your fire pit ample time to heat up and burn low. 

Once you have a large bed of coals, use two people to place the SearPlate onto your fire pit making sure to leave the Outpost Grill insert uncovered. Use a pair of tongs or heat-resistant gloves to adjust it into a level position on your fire pit. 

After the griddle is level and secure, turn the handles downward. If you’re cooking with other Breeo grilling accessories, now is the time to build the evening setup. Once your fire pit system is in position and secure, you’re ready to get cooking. 


Removing the griddle from the fire pit

Time to Get Cooking 

Allow 5-10 minutes for your SearPlate Griddle to preheat before cooking.


Live-Fire Cooking Pro Tip: Find the heat by sprinkling a few drops of water onto the Griddle. If the droplets vaporize instantly, it's too hot, if they pop and sizzle, you’re good to go. 


Once your SearPlate is up to temp, it’s time to add the food. Pay close attention to the heat fluctuations throughout the cook, if you notice the Griddle cooling down, add a log to the fire.


Cooking Complete and Ready to Eat

Dinner is cooked, the steak is resting, and everyone is eager to dig in, but before you kick back for the evening, make sure to remove the griddle from the fire pit. If the SearPlate is left over high heat for long periods of time the seasoning will burn off, causing you to restart the seasoning process.

Place the griddle onto the SearPlate Griddle Stand or a noncombustible surface away from children and pets. After the SearPlate has cooled slightly, remember to add a protective layer of oil to ensure the best performance.  For a deep dive into cleaning your griddle, check out this article. 

We’re stoked to have you try the SearPlate Griddle and experience the carbon steel cooktop for yourself. Happy live-fire cooking!