At Breeo, we exist to innovate the campfire experience and inspire those around us to spend more time together in the great outdoors. Breeo smokeless fire pits allow you to tap into the cross-cultural, age-old traditions of live-fire cooking, hang out without the drawbacks of campfire smoke, and create memories with your friends and family along the way.

Made in the usa

Since inventing the first smokeless fire pit back in 2011, our mission has been to create the best fire pit experience for each of our customers. The quality of the products we produce is paramount to us, and we know it's paramount to you, too. That's why every single fire pit we sell is made right here, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Built to last

Our X Series fire pits are the strongest on the market and to prove it, we put them to the test. Built with thick gauge stainless steel, X Series fire pits are stronger than any of our competitors and are built to endure the elements, accidents, and extreme conditions. Durable, USA-made quality is what you’ll get every time you buy from Breeo, which means you can treat your fire pit like a fire pit.

Live-fire cooking machine

X Series fire pits are built for your lifestyle and backyard, offering customizable features you won’t find anywhere else. With the versatility of the adjustable Outpost™ grill, Searplate™ Griddle, and other cooking accessories, tackle all your live fire cooking aspirations. Whether you’re looking for the ultimate grilling machine, a fire pit for family nights, or an eye-catching centerpiece; you can build it with Breeo.