Our fire pits are built different. And that's a good thing. All of our fire pits are incredibly durable and built to live outdoors. Proudly made in Lancaster, PA, USA and backed with a lifetime warranty.

Shipping is free and fast…really fast. You’ll be taken care of with top-of-class Customer Service. But don’t just take our word for it, keep on scrolling to hear directly from our customers and the media.

The center of your backyard

Best wood burning fire pit for your backyard or patio

- Rolling Stone

Breeo fire pits are built to change the way you live in your backyard. Smokeless functionality will transform the way you experience fire, and our live-fire cooking ecosystem adds a level of engagement you didn’t know was possible. Add in best-in-class durability, incredible customer service, and all the customizability you need, and you’re in for a game-changing experience.

Unmatched durability

Built to last right here in the USA

Our fire pits are the strongest on the market and to prove it, we put them to the test. Built with thick gauge stainless steel, Breeo smokeless fire pits are 258% stronger than our leading competitors and are built to endure accidents, the elements, and extreme conditions. Durable, USA-made quality is what you’ll get every time you buy from Breeo, which means you can treat your fire pit like a fire pit.

Built for cooking

Best fire pit for cooking

There is nothing like great food cooked over a live fire and our fire pits are built for it. Our grilling and cooking accessories are designed and manufactured to give you ultimate control and adjustability (not some ‘add on’ that just sits on top). We hear it all the time… “Best steak I’ve ever had!”

Unrivaled customer service

Never in my life have i experienced such great customer service with a product as I have with breeo...

"...this company is the gold standard for customer service and others could really learn from them. Put out a great, American-made product, earn trust and loyalty from your customers, and return the appreciation with amazing support. The fact that they don't make you jump through hoops, are polite, honest, and fair is what I find incredible, especially these days. Customer for life!"

- Elle AJ

Options to fit your lifestyle

As you can see, the breeo folks thought of everything.

From stainless steel to earthy Corten patina, our X Series fire pits adapt to match your lifestyle. Incorporate into a stone surround for built-in fire pits, or place it on any surface with the base.

For even more color and design options, try our Luxeve line, with endless color combinations available. Or if you’re looking for something to take on the go with absolute maximum versatility and portability, our new Y Series is your ticket to adventure.

"Best overall fire pit"

Durable, versatile, and beautiful, the breeo x series 24 is an outstanding fire pit

Since we built the very first smokeless fire pit in 2011, we’ve been dedicated to perfecting the experience of sitting around a fire. Whether it means smokeless airflow technology, the ultimate live-fire cooking experience, or the perfect chair to sit around a fire, we’ve got you covered.