ZOE International Takes on the Race Across America


Community and sharing success are two things that we value at Breeo. We take action toward these values through donations to local and international missions and sharing profit with the community and local nonprofits. One organization we will be highlighting in this article is ZOE International. 

ZOE International is an organization working to rescue and care for children from human trafficking internationally and domestically. In support of the mission and work of ZOE, Breeo is a donor to the mission. 

The month of June 2021 held excitement and anticipation for Breeo and the surrounding supporters as a group of 8 local cyclists begin a 3,000 mile journey across the US, competing in the RAAM (Race Across America) to raise awareness for ZOE International and their mission.



Race Across America has been challenging ultra cyclists for the past 38 years, inviting teams to compete to raise awareness, win a title, or be a part of the exciting event. Claimed to be the world’s toughest bicycle race, RAAM is not a stage race, it is the world’s longest time trial. The race is 30% longer than the Tour de France, taking competitors across 3,000 miles, 12 states, and over 170,000 vertical feet. 

Not only is this race a great opportunity to raise awareness for a movement we are passionate about, this race matches the character and traits that we strive for at Breeo. In this year’s RAAM 2021 Race, we celebrated the ZOE International team winning first place in their division, the 8 person relay. This feat was celebrated among local participants, families, community, and Breeo. As the cyclists crossed the finish line on June 25, 2021, the families and supporters cheered the team on.



We interviewed one of the ZOE International Cycling Team members, Sam Lapp, and asked him some questions about his cycling journey and passion for ZOE International. 

In 2012-13 Sam’s interest in cycling led to buying a bike and convincing some friends from his Bible study to join him. They cycled for years following, and in 2018, they heard about The Race Across America and entered their 8 man team into the 2019 RAAM. This year's 2021 race was their third year competing in the Race Across America, finally taking their first place victory. When Sam was asked about the comparison to past years, he shared how their key to victory came down to dedication and practice of the fundamentals. He shared how the motto of their team, “Their freedom is our fuel” is what gave him motivation during the race especially when cycling through the plains of Kansas and Missouri and when the third, fourth, and fifth days are just the same old grind. Despite the challenges of the race and struggling to stay hydrated in a 118° desert, the mission of ZOE, freedom of the children, and the brotherhood of the team is what carries them through.


“Their freedom is our fuel.”


For more information about the purpose and mission of ZOE International checkout their website: https://gozoe.org/