The Ultimate Staycation Guide


The summer season is a busy one. Whether it's work, driving your kids to practice, or just going through your daily routine, we know that trying to plan a vacation before school starts up seems like a mountain to climb. But we often forget about the adventures we have at our fingertips. Here is your guide to the Ultimate Staycation. 


Tip 1: Go Outside

Spend time in the great outdoors. Camp in your backyard and challenge yourself by staying out of the house for the weekend. Eat, sleep, and play games outside and brave the wilderness from the comfort of your own backyard.


Tip 2: Disconnect 

Since you're not escaping to a remote location in the middle of nowhere, you may want to remain connected. Challenge yourself and your family to leave the phones in a basket for the weekend for some quality time and refreshment. 


Tip 3: Make Lots of Food 

Grab your cooler, some drinks, and empty your pantry. Never tried over-the-fire cooking? Now’s your chance. Make anything from hotdogs and s’mores to steaks and grilled peaches. Live-fire-cooking is made easy with the Outpost Grill which is compatible with the X Series Collection and can also be used on surfaces from grass to sand. It’s easy set up and functionality means you can have an enjoyable over-the-fire cooking experience. For recipe ideas for live-fire cooking, check out our recipes page.


Tip 4: Have a Slip and Slide 

Remember the days of summer slip and slides? It’s time to bring it back. Grab the dish soap, water hose, and tarp, and have a time of laughter with the family. Bring it up a notch and challenge the family to a game of slip and slide kickball. 


Tip 5: Go for a Hike 

It's just that simple. Find a local hiking spot, nature preserve, or state park, and explore the outdoors while being refreshed and inspired. 


Tip 6: Break the Generation Gap

Teach the other generation something from yours. Teach your kids how to fly a kite, your grandkids a childhood card game, and even let your kids teach you a dance. Gather around the fire and tell the younger generations your favorite stories and answer their questions about your childhood. 


Tip 7: Be a Tourist in Your Town

Visit that museum you never thought you’d go to or the tourist attraction you never thought twice about. Explore the local attractions in your area through the eyes of someone who’s never been. 


Tip 8: Sleep Under the Stars

Brave the weather and the possibility of slight discomfort and make the memories. Pitch a tent, hang the hammock, drag your mattress outside, or utilize your trampoline. And don’t forget the bug spray. 


Tip 9: Stay Warm 

Evenings could get a little chilly, so be prepared ahead of time with some blankets and fire wood. Build your own campfire or enjoy the smokeless luxury of a Breeo Smokeless Fire Pit


Tip 10: Refuel and Recharge 

You know it’s a good vacation when you return refreshed and not dragging from a vacation hangover. Take time to prepare and gather supplies for your staycation and relax. Make time for personal refueling and refreshment whether that's reading, getting lots of sleep, or spending time with loved ones.


We hope this guide to the Ultimate Staycation inspires you to get out, challenge yourself, and spend some time in the wild of your own backyard. Happy Camping!