Why We Made Fireside Furniture

“Breeo exists and has always existed to solve problems around the campfire. That is what we do, that is what we’re good at, that is all we think about.” This simple mission of Breeo in the words of Co-Founder, Jonathan Miller, has determined our approach as we solve every fireside frustration. 

The transformation began with our invention of the first smokeless fire pit and has continued as we’ve built cooking systems and refined our line of products over and over again.

“We’ve had hundreds if not thousands of campfires as a team” and after gatherings, photoshoots and lunch breaks around the fire, we are constantly asking “How do we make this experience better?”

That’s why we’re spearheading the movement to eliminate every one of your conscious and subconscious fireside annoyances. “Individually, none of them are a big deal but taken together, they are a real inhibitor of a great evening” says Jonathan. 

Our goal with the Functional Fireside Furniture Collection is to create a gathering experience that guests and most importantly, the host, can enjoy and look forward to. Take a look.



X Series Chair 

The key frustration we wanted to solve right off the bat was comfort. For years, the traditional Adirondack chair has been a staple of the campfire, but it has brought its own set of frustrations.

“What ends up happening,” Jonathan adds, “is people are sitting on the edge of the Adirondack chair, leaning forward with their elbows on their knees, trying to engage with the campfire and their friends.”

That’s where the first member of the Furniture lineup, the X Series Chair, comes into play. 



“We wanted to make a chair that was more upright, much more in the action, higher to capture more heat from the fire” and importantly, ”in a great position to have a meal as well as hang out with family and friends.”

To do this, we made a chair inspired by traditional Adirondack chairs, but adapted specifically to the campfire. No more sitting on the edge of your seat and balancing a plate on an arm-rest, bringing us to the next product in the lineup, the OutRig Folding Tray. 


OutRig Tray

Some say the experience of eating your food is just as important as what you’re eating, and we agree. With Breeo’s live-fire cooking accessories, it’s never been easier to cook a feast over the fire, but eating around it can be a different story. 

After you sit to relax and enjoy your meal, what follows is a balancing act on your knees or a surface nearby as you try to enjoy your food. The alternative solution is retreating indoors where you enjoy your over-the-fire meal away from the fire. “Everyone wants to stay around the fire, as human beings we gravitate to the fire” but the frustration of eating around the fire can be a real inhibitor of the experience. 



With this in mind, we engineered a T-track system installed in every X Series Chair. 

The Outrig Tray works effortlessly with the T-track system so you can begin the evening with the tray stowed, and engage it when you’re ready to eat. 

With the problem of eating around the fire solved, drinking was next on the list. 

OutRig Cupholder 

We knew we couldn’t solve the issue of eating around the fire and ignore the hassle of drinks resting in unwanted places. We built the Outrig Cupholder to accommodate drinks of any size and even included a built-in bottle opener so you’re never fumbling around when you’re trying to open a bottle.



X Series Table 

With the seating problems solved, next on the list was prep space and storage.

The first issue we solved with the X Series Table is wood storage. 

When wood is stored away from the fire, you have two options to feed the fire. You can bring an armload of wood near the fire where it remains a tripping hazard and has the potential to get damp, or make multiple trips throughout the evening to keep your fire well lit. 

The Table allows you to “gather and stay gathered around the campfire. It’s a wood storage solution that’s out of the elements, looks great, and is at the correct height where you can sit in the chair, reach down, grab a piece of wood, and throw it into the fire.”



The Table also gives you an adequate surface to prep your food near the fire so you won’t need to make several trips inside while your guests remain outdoors. After your food is cooked to perfection, you now have a dual purposed tabletop where your guests can fill their plates and return to the comfort of their chair. It also includes a built-in lid storage option to allow you to easily stow your lid while your fire pit is in action.



The Functional Fireside Furniture Collection transforms the experience of sitting around the fire. With its thoughtful solutions to everyday problems and Breeo’s constant commitment to lifetime durability, this is the furniture you’ll want around your fire.