Surf and Turf Fajitas

Recipe by Pro Team member, Derek Wolf, @overthefirecooking

Whether you’re looking for the first recipe to try on your SearPlate Griddle or searching for a new favorite dish to add to the book, you’re in the right place. Pro Team member Derek Wolf made this recipe to kick off the SearPlate Griddle launch and he killed it with these surf and turf fajitas. You’ll want to give this one a try!


Servings: 6 People

Prep: 15 Minutes

Cook: 45 Minutes

Steak and Marinade:

1 Whole Skirt or Flap Steak

1 ½ cups Soy Sauce

¾ cup White Vinegar

½ cup Cola (optional)

2 tbsp. Chipotle Paste

2 tbsp. Garlic Paste

2 tbsp. Chopped Cilantro

3 medium Limes, juiced

1 Navel Orange, juiced

1 tbsp. Canola Oil

Salt, to taste

Live-Fire Cooking Pro Tip From Derek: Add cola to the marinade for acidity and sweetness which creates a nice char and makes the meat tender.

Shrimp and Marinade:

1-2 lbs. Shrimp, peeled & deveined

½ cup Achiote Paste

⅕ tbsp. Jalapeños, chopped or paste

2 medium Limes, juiced


2 Bell Peppers, sliced

½ White Onion, sliced

2 tbsp. Chipotle Garlic Seasoning

1 tbsp. Canola Oil


Warm Tortillas

Shredded Cheese

Sour Cream


Jalapeño, sliced

Lime Wedges


1. In a large, food safe bowl, add all the ingredients for the beef marinade and mix thoroughly. Add your steak into the marinade, mix, cover, and place in the fridge for at least 4 hours but ideally overnight.

2. The next day, add your shrimp to a food safe bowl and add the quick marinade ingredients. Mix thoroughly and let them sit for 20 minutes, then pull them out of the marinade, and skewer them onto bamboo skewers.

3. Preheat your Breeo fire pit to a medium-high temperature of about 350°F. Set the SearPlate Griddle over the fire to warm for 2 minutes.

4. Add the steaks to the SearPlate first and cook for about 4 minutes per side until medium rare (about 120°F internal). When the steaks are close to done, add the shrimp skewers to the other side of the SearPlate to cook for 1.5 minutes per side. Pull the steaks and the shrimp off to cool when done. Finally, add a cast iron skillet or wok to the middle opening to heat for 1 minute with oil. Drop your veggies into the skillet and season with Chipotle Garlic seasoning or your favorite veggie seasoning. Cook until the veggies have softened (about 5 minutes) then pull them off and begin assembling.

5. Slice your steak against the grain and serve it or chop into bites. Pull the shrimp off the skewers and serve with the steak and cooked veggies. Fill your warmed tortilla with steak, shrimp, or both, along with cooked veggies and anything other toppings. Enjoy!

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