Holiday S'mores Dip

S’mores are an inarguable campfire staple. The combination of melted marshmallow and chocolate with the crunch of a cracker is both delicious and nostalgic, instantly transporting us to happy childhood memories. If you find yourself wanting to branch out, but still keep the simplicity of the classic s’more, this recipe is made for you.

Not only is this dish easy, but it transforms your over-the-fire desserts from standard s’mores to an elevated treat that looks great and tastes even better.

What You’ll Need


Chocolate Chips

Peppermint Chunks

Additional Toppings: We added Andes Mints to our skillet dish to add more peppermint. Some other toppings to try are peanut butter, maple syrup, m&ms, and even savory bits of bacon.


1. Build a fire in your X Series fire pit and add the Outpost grill.

2. Place a cast-iron skillet on the grill grate over low/medium heat while you prepare your ingredients.

3. Once your skillet is warm, set it aside and add enough chocolate chips to cover the bottom with an even layer. If you want to add peanut butter, we recommend adding a layer between the chocolate and marshmallows.

4. Build a layer of marshmallows on top of the chocolate chips and add any toppings you want to melt into the marshmallows. We added chunks of mints and chocolate to the top before and after cooking the marshmallows.

5. Place the skillet back on the Outpost grill over low/medium heat.

6. Keep the skillet over the heat until the chocolate is melted and marshmallows are warm and melty.

7. If you want the marshmallows to develop a golden brown crust, use heat protectant gloves and place the skillet underneath your X Series fire pit and use the heat of the fire to roast the top of your marshmallows.

8. Keep an eye on the marshmallows when they are underneath the fire pit. It should take about a minute or two to achieve the golden crust, but this depends on how hot and how long your fire has been going.

9. Once the marshmallows reach your preferred doneness, set the skillet aside, add any more desired toppings, and dig in! Use graham crackers to dip into the skillet or any cracker you prefer.

This unique take on the traditional s’more is delicious (and less messy) and ideal for the whole family to make and enjoy together. Try this recipe the next time you’re gathered around the fire and share it with the Breeo community on Facebook and Instagram. Bon appetit!