Breeo Basics: Steaks on the Outpost Grill

Next up in the Breeo Basics Live-Fire Cooking Series, we turn it up a notch to bring you a guide to cook your own steak seared to perfection. At first, this task may seem daunting, but with the tips and tricks from our team, we hope to make your first over-the-fire steak an enjoyable experience.

The key to the best steak is a golden sear, which provides a flavorful crust on the outside with tender meat in the center. This delicious sear requires high heat, which is attainable over an open flame, but can be difficult to reach when cooking on a gas grill or other common methods. Let's take a dip into the science behind the sear of a steak. There's a process called the Maillard reaction that's responsible for creating the golden brown sear. This reaction happens when high temperatures heat the sugars and proteins, which results in a change of color, aroma, and most importantly, flavor. Now that we understand a little more about what creates a perfect steak, let's get into the recipe.

Live-Fire Cooking Pro Tip: Remove your steak from the fridge 1-2 hours before cooking, rub with salt, and let steaks reach room temperature. Pat dry immediately before cooking for a caramel colored sear.

What you’ll need:

Steak (cut of your choice)

Salt or steak seasoning of your choice


Your first step is to attach your Outpost grill and start your fire. If you’re unsure what wood to use when building your fire, check out pitmaster and Pro-Team member, Christy Vanover’s, recommendations here.

Allow your Outpost adjustable grill to remain directly over the flames while your wood burns down to create a hot, even area to cook your steak. Once your Outpost grill is heated, place your steak on the center of the grill.

Flip your steak when a golden sear is seen on the bottom and allow for the other side to sear evenly as well. When cooking over a live flame, we recommend flipping your steaks often and keeping an eye on them to monitor progress.

When both sides of the steak have an even sear, raise the Outpost grill (using heat protectant gloves) to lower the direct heat. Continue to flip your steaks consistently, allowing the heat to increase internal temperature.

Once your steaks reach a temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit, remove them from the Outpost grill and set them aside to rest for several minutes.

After about five minutes of resting your steaks, serve them with any side you wish and enjoy!