Meet Pro Team Member Sarah Glover

The Breeo Pro Team is made of a group of people who excel in their industry and pioneer new ways to experience live fire. They’re chefs, adventurers, and innovators who create content to inspire over-the-fire creativity for both the seasoned and aspiring firemasters alike.  

The most recent member on the Pro Team is Sarah Glover, an outdoorswoman, forager, and live-fire chef. Sarah is always down for a swim, surf, or a good cup of coffee and travels the terrain in her custom-made Land Rover Defender named Harriet. In 2021, Sarah moved from her home state of Tasmania, a small island off the mainland of Australia, to St. Augustine, Florida. Our team met Sarah at her new home for a time of cooking, gathering, and sharing food inspiration. 

To get to know more about Sarah, we asked her a few questions about her day-to-day life, cooking go-tos, and favorites. Enjoy this Q&A and introduction video welcoming Sarah to the Breeo community.  



1) When did you begin wood fire cooking, and what made you fall in love with it?

I started wood fire cooking about 5 years ago. I always grew up with it, but the penny hadn't dropped for me until then. I fell in love with cooking over fire because it acted as a primary ingredient for me.


2) How would you describe your cooking style and process?

Creative and unorthodox. Haha, maybe a little messy.


3) What’s your go-to breakfast?  

Green Eggs and Ham.


4) What’s your favorite thing in your kitchen?  

My cast iron frying pan.


5) Who is your cooking inspiration?  

Francis Mallmann.


6) What’s one ingredient you couldn’t live without? 



7) Where is the most unique location that you've ever cooked? 

Tasmania, at the southernmost point in the world.


8) What excites you about being part of the Breeo Pro Team?  

I love being a part of a team of people that are passionate about cooking over fire and love quality products that enable us to be creative without limitations.