From Lancaster, Pennsylvania to Your Door

From our manufacturing to our marketing, our base of operations for everything we do is right here in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA. This means from start to finish, we are keeping our eyes on your fire pit to ensure the quality craftsmanship that you expect and we value.



Committed to the process as much as they are the results, Co-Founders, Amos Stoltzfus and Jonathan Miller, share why Lancaster is our permanent base of operations.



"The work culture that’s taught in Lancaster County sets us apart. In addition to hard work, trust and loyalty are other core values here, which feed into quality. If you can depend on each other as a team, it relieves the pressure and it helps you be more successful. This is why we focus on hiring high achievers who want to be a part of something great."



"Over generations and generations, Lancaster farmers and craftsmen have built a reputation for quality. A majority of Breeo’s team members originate from Lancaster County, and we are reaping the rewards of generations of values instilled in the people of the area. Breeo cares about quality, and so does Lancaster."



We are excited to walk you through the step-by-step of how we build each of our smokeless fire pits. This labor of love is how we ensure your fire pit meets our high standards of craftsmanship and quality from our shop, to our warehouse, to your doorstep.


Step 1: Product Design

At the very beginning of the process, we start by designing the fire pits in CAD (Computer-Aided Design). Once it is designed, we order the laser cut parts for prototypes, build the prototypes, test them and redesign accordingly.


Step 2: Laser Cutting

After the design is finalized, we order sheets of steel and laser cut each of the parts of the fire pit for assembly.



Step 3: Sand Parts

Each of our stainless products and parts need to have the same look and grain. To achieve this consistency, we run them through a wide belt sander before loading them to be assembled.


Step 4: Loading the Jig

Next, one of our dedicated team members takes all the laser cut parts that have been sanded for a particular fire pit and clamps them into a fixture (a jig) so the parts stay in place for welding.


Step 5: Welding

Once the pieces are securely held in the jig in their final positions, we weld the parts together to assemble the fire pit.



Step 6: Deburring

Deburring is the process we use to remove the sharp edges from the top of the fire pit. The laser cutting leaves the top rim especially sharp so we use a deburring tool to shave off the edge s.


 Step 7: Clean & Polish

After the deburring is complete, your fire pit is almost ready for shipment! But first, we clean it up. Since so many of our products are stainless steel, we take extra care to clean any imperfections or smudges that end up on the fire pit during the process. We then polish them with a stainless steel polish.


Step 8: Wrap & Pack

The last step before shipping is to strategically wrap and pack your fire pit. We wrap each fire pit in foam and then package particularly to keep them safe.


Step 9: Shipping

Finally, your fire pit is ready to be shipped. We own our warehouse where we send the fire pits once they leave our shop - both the shop and our shipping facility are right here in Lancaster, PA. From our shipping warehouse, the fire pits are sent out directly from us to you.