How to Patina Your Corten Steel Fire Pit

Here at Breeo we have specifically designed our fire pits with materials based on their high performance, durability, and attractive appearance. Our X Series Corten steel fire pits are no exception. Made with Corten steel, the same material used in building bridges and other architectural structures, they are built with the intention to last you a lifetime which means you won’t have to buy a replacement next year.

How do our Corten steel fire pits develop that beautiful patina color, you may ask? As the fire pit lives in the elements, the Corten develops a corrosion-resistant coating in order to prevent rusting any deeper than the surface. This coating is called patina.

What does this mean for you? This means that when you purchase your Corten steel fire pit and it ships to your doorstep, it will arrive as a gray/blue color. No worries, you got the right fire pit, simply place the fire pit in your outdoor space and watch it develop the patina coating over the next days and weeks.

If you just can’t wait for your fire pit to develop the warm tones that come with the patina paired with the stainless steel legs and rim, you can patina your fire pit in just a few minutes! Watch the video below and check out the guide for a step-by-step on how to create the patina at your own pace.

If you want to know more about why we chose Corten steel check out this article.


You Will Need

Protective Equipment: gloves & glasses

Spray bottle with a mixture of dish soap and water

Spray bottle with white vinegar

1/2 Tbs. salt

16 oz. hydrogen peroxide

2 oz. white vinegar

Rough sponge 



Step 1: Degrease the Corten area by spraying it with the water and dish soap mixture and wipe dry. 

Step 2: "Pickle" the Corten by spraying the white vinegar on the degreased area. Throughout the process, keep a paper towel handy to wipe away any excess spray that might end up on the stainless legs.

Step 3: Mix the hydrogen peroxide, white vinegar, and salt together in another bottle and spray over the pickled, degreased Corten. You'll start to see the patina show almost right away. 

Step 4: Rub the Corten area with a rough sponge to evenly distribute the patina mixture. 

Step 5: Let the fire pit dry and repeat step 3, continuing to follow with the sponge 2-4 times. For a natural look, finish it off by spraying the Corten with a final coating of the patina mixture. 

Step 6: Finally, let your fire pit sit overnight and enjoy your new patina finish. The patina will develop a darker more consistent look overtime and with more burns.